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Day 10

rain 2 °C

So Lesley and I arrived in Brussels. The Eurostar was awesome. Easy check in, left and arrived on time, very comfortable seats and super quite ride.

So far, I'm not impressed with Brussels and really am not excited about being here for 5 nights. This may change once its day time and I can see what's around. I know it's Sunday but at 5pm NOTHING near our hotel was open at all. We had to get dinner off of a food stand and it was gross. Most restaurants and grocery store says they are open until 6pm tmrw and then closed until January 2. So New Year's Day is going to be interesting. The Internet in this hotel SUCKS!!! I'm lucky I'm online now, I've only been sitting in the lobby for 2 hrs trying to get a signal. There are only 3 English channels on TV.... BBC 1, BBC 2 and BBC World, definitely nothing fun to watch like there was in London.

The people here are super sketchy too. I was actually scared when taking the metro from the train station to the airport. There is a large African population here, and there are all these random young guys that just hang around the train station and in the metro, and just stare at you...it's weird and very awkward.

Lesley did make us a friend. We met an American women named Christine. She's here with her husband and 2 kids. Her husbands in the American Air Forces and they are stationed in Germany. They drove down here for the weekend and are staying in our hotel. We were chatting with her for a while and she invited us to go with them tomorrow to Bruges. Normally when travelling I don't go off with random people but this place sucks, I'm sick of taking train and its a free car ride to a town we were going to go to by taking a train so this works and it might be a lot of fun. So that's our plan for tomorrow.

In case you didn't know, Brussels is apparently in the 10 places to be for New Years Eve! Who knew!? So we'll see what's happening down here tomorrow.

Time for some zzzzzzz's.

Happy last night of 2012!!


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Day 9

rain 4 °C

Well today was a pretty fun day. Can, Les and I went to Pret A Manager (it's a little cafe....it's a chain that we've seen here and in Scotland) and picked up coffees and breakfast. Then we took the tube to Kensington and went into Harrods. Harrods, if you've never been is amazing! Even if you don't buy anything (which none of us did because its so expensive and we are all almost out of pounds) it's still an experience! Perfume was soooo cheap! Most of it was 50% off, but with full suitcases as it is, and another country to lug your stuff to and from I couldn't be bothered to save $20! My suitcase is so full, Candice is taking my running shoes back with her in her carry on tomorrow (now thats a best friend :)). After Harrods, we took the tube to Oxford Circus. Oxford Circus is the biggest shopping street in Europe. It was pretty busy, has lots of expensive designer stores and lots to look at. Again, at this point in the trip we are all feeling poor. I don't actually think any of us bought a thing! I didn't come to Europe to go clothing shopping anyways. ;). We found a Marks and Spencer's and had a bit to eat for lunch. Then we hooped back on the tube and went to Covent Garden. This is where I stayed last time I came to London. It's such a cute area and all three of us agreed our favourite part of London. It's all small alley ways full of shops. We even found a Jules store (equestrian inspired gear). Les was pretty pumped. Apparently I'm cool now that I bought my first Jules sweater. We walked around Covent Garden for a while, hanging out in the square and looking at vender tables.

For dinner, the four of us went to a pizza/pasta restaurant near the tube stop, then we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus to see the show. Let It Be was awesome. We were singing, dancing....felt like a rock concert. Can and I loved the music and Both think it's time to put some Beatles on our iPods ;)

Well this is the end of our foursome. Laurie is taking the train back to Wales, Candice is heading to the airport for a 9:45am flight and Lesley and I are heading to St Pancras station to catch the Euro Star train at 2pm.

Things we'll miss from the UK: sayings like 'is this the cue?', lift, cheers, hiya, mind the gap, mind the step (pretty much the word 'mind'), Cadbury chocolate (flake, fingers, buttons), galaxy chocolate (mmmmmm), tea (and LOTS of it!), the rain (NOT!!!!), everything being super expensive (NOT!!! Lol), eating in the pub, chips (aka French fries), mushy peas, being crammed in elevators or the tube with way too many people (NOT!!!!) and Marks and Spencer's.

Soooooo what's next? Belgium baby! We are loosing an hour, so we will be 6 hrs ahead of home (even better for my jet lag! Lol). We are staying in Brussels for 5 nights. What's there to do in Belgium? I'll soon find out :)

That's it from London!
Night all!

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Day 8

overcast 5 °C

Well I guess I'll start off by saying I LOVE London, and its just as awesome as I remember it 5 yrs ago! It's still super expensive, I'm almost out of pounds and I haven't even gone shopping, but I still love it. It's busy, there is Starbucks and pubs at every corner and lots to see and do.

We had a busy day. Took the tube to Green Park and walked to Buckingham Palace. Walked through Green Park (the actual massive park) to Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings. Stopped at Westminster Abbey to take some pictures (the line up to get inside was insane! Tho all the line ups here are insane!). Next, we crossed the Thames River and walked along it past the London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe, Modern Tate, Millennium Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral all the way to London Bridge. We were able to take pictures of Tower Bridge there. This took a long time, it's a long walk. We had a few stops along the way.

Tonight we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus. If you haven't been there before, it's London's version of Times Square. It was insanely busy, had lots of bright billboards and lots of stores and restaurants. We came back to Kensington and had dinner at a pub. Candice and I finally had pub style fish and chips with MUSHY PEAS!!! Yummmmmm! Well candice didn't like them that much, but I love mushy peas!!

When we were in Piccadilly Circus we bought tickets to see a show tmrw night. We are seeing, Let It Be. We figured you can't see a better Beatles tribute show then in the UK! Tomorrow is the last day in London before we all split up. We are planning on hitting up Harrods, Oxford Circus and the show in the evening.

Like I said when I started today's entry....I love London, but my wallet doesn't feel the same ;)


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Day 7

Hello London!!

semi-overcast 5 °C

Sorry I didn't post last night. I'm sure mum and Mary are wondering what happened to us. I was just so tired, I couldn't be bothered to type.

We made it to London after a LONG journey from Wales. We had to get off of our train early because of electrical problems so the journey ended up taking an extra 2 hrs. It literally took us 8 hours to get from Laurie's to our hotel. And we didn't eat anything all day, we were all dying. They didn't really have food on the train we were switched too so we couldn't buy anything.

We are staying in Kensington. It's a really cute, nice neighbourhood. The hotel is a 5 min walk from Gloucester station and there's a Starbucks here too ;). Last night, Candice, Les and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and scooped out restaurants. We ended up eating at a cute restaurant, all eating pasta. Laur stayed in since she wasn't feeling well. I forgot how much I love pasta! I'm going to be sad when I have to give carbs up in a week again. Then we got lattes from Starbucks and walked up to the national gallery which has an outdoor ice skating ink. It was actually cooler then I thought it would be here last night. Dry at least but cool. I finally wore my winter jacket and uggs!!

Today we are off to explore the city. Only have today and tomorrow since we all leave fairly early in Sunday. I would have been nice to have more time in London....stupid British trains!

As the British would say.... Cheerio!

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Day 6

Goodbye Wales!

rain 4 °C

Well the time has come to say goodbye to Wales. I feel like I've been here forever. It was fun, we explored this little town, did a little shopping, ate a lot of food and saw Laurie's campus. But I'm ready to move on. I never stay anywhere this long....I can't wait to be lost and go somewhere new!

Today we walked into town. There was only a few stores actually open here today. We went shopping, ate lunch at Wetherspoons again, walked down to the sea front and castle (in daylight this time!) then sat in Costa and grabbed lattes.

Now, we are all packed and ready to catch a train in the morning. It should take us around 5 hrs (maybe a bit less) to reach London. I've already mapped out where the hotel is and how to take the tube there. I also went through my frommers guide today, and mapped out the tube stops we will want to take to see awesome London destinations (I have organizational problems!) I'm all set! If only my suitcase wasn't packed to the max! I don't think I'm going to be able to buy anything :( I should have listened to Colin and packed a half empty bag!

Well, this is it for pictures for the rest of the trip. Laurie's leaving her laptop at school and we are all splitting up after London. So it's just this very entertaining blog (amazing...I know!) and the odd random facebook status'.

We are super pumped for London!!

Until tmrw..... Lins

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