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Day 5

Merry Christmas!!

rain 5 °C

Merry Christmas to all my friends back home. We had quite the day....preparing food, eating food, preparing food, eating more food. To be honest, it's 11pm here, and I can't move off the couch. I'm stuffed!

Chef Laurie prepared a nice meal with a stuffed turkey, carrots, corn, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cranberry sauce, and of course Swiss Chalet dipping sauce (we may have brought her a stock here since she misses it a lot). Then we had homemade apple crisp with ice cream. Now you know why I can't move. None of us can,we've all been in couch comas for a few hours now! Lol

We opened our stocking/kris Kringle gifts this afternoon, which was fun. We spent £10 on gifts...and all got matching British socks! I may go back and buy another pair tmrw, they were cheap and super cute!

Tomorrows our last day in Wales. I can't wait to get to London on Thursday! So much to see so little time.

Well time to roll off of the couch and into bed. Hopefully I can bend, or move in the morning.

Merry Christmas!

Love Lins

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Day 4

Christmas Eve!

overcast 4 °C

Well...according to Laurie, today we relaxed. And apparently I don't know how to relax! Maybe true. I had a "relaxing" LONG LONG sleep...'til close to 1pm. God, I don't remember the last time I actually had a good sleep and I have been a little time messed up since we got here so it was nice to finally be able to catch up on some.

There isn't much to do here right now since it's a small town and most things are closed until the 27th. We watched some movies that Laurie streamed, Michael Buble's Christmas Special and wrapped our Kris Kringle presents and stuffed the stockings. Apparently this is a lot, when your 'relaxing'! lol Les, Laur and I went for a little night hike to get some air (and apparently a lot of exercise). This place is built on hills and more hills. It doesn't matter that I haven't been to the gym.....going for a little 15 minute hike almost makes up for my missed workout. lol Candice stayed in, in a couch coma while we went for our walk, since she has a bit of a cold.

We bought a LOT of food for tomorrow, and will probably cooking/baking most of the day.

Well it's officially Christmas here!! So Merry Christmas to all...and all a good night!

Love Lins

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Day 3

overcast 5 °C

Well, today was a productive day. It helps when it isn't shitting rain! Thank god.

Laur took us on a tour of campus, showed us the Arts Centre, view of the town (we are on the top of a huge hill, so the view was pretty cool) and the sheep that live on campus. We walked down the massive hill to town, and stopped off at a few stores. We are doing a kris kringle for Christmas, so we went to Poundland to look for gifts. I think we all pretty much know who has who, it's hard to keep shopping a secret when there is only 4 of us and we are all staying together but we are pretending we don't know who has who and who bought who what. lol

We went to Wetherspoons. It's a pub, with amazing British cuisine at an awesome price! We all got roast beef and it was delicious. We stopped off at Costa Coffee to get lattes. Costa is the only 'coffee' shop in town that's comparable to Second Cup or Starbucks. I would be going through some serious good caffeine withdrawals if I lived here, I couldn't handle live without Starbucks! We took our coffees to go, and headed to the sea front. It's beautiful down there. The tide is so high today, the sand was all over the boardwalk. We walked down one end of the sea front to a huge hill, then to the other end where there is a castle and big church. By the time we got down there it was pretty dark but so peaceful and beautiful.

I'm not really sure what we will be up to for the next few days. It sounds like pretty much everything in town will be closed until the 27th. They are so old school here, it's so different from home. Since it's Sunday, most things were closed around 4/5pm. By 5pm, the town was like a ghost town. We asked the taxi driver if his taxi company will be open on the 27th ('cause we need to get to the train station to head to London) and he said that they are going to be closed until the 28th. The taxi company is CLOSED!! It's so weird. Hopefully one of the companies down here will be open or then we'll be walking down a huge ass hill with all our luggage very early in the morning to get to the train station. Yippy!

Well, it's time to make some more tea, and watch a movie.

Night Night.

Love, Lins

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Day 2

Man....it rains in Wales

storm 4 °C

I keep on telling my sisters that I don't feel like I'm in a foreign country on vacation. It's hard to when you have Laurie cooking for you, taking you around and when you are hanging out at her residence. It's kind of nice, not eating out for every single meal, not depending on maps to get around, figuring out transit systems and getting lost. It's very chill in Aberystwyth, and relaxed.

I've never seen soooo much rain before in my life. I've been to London, Ireland and Scotland, but I've never ever been somewhere where it shits rain non-stop all day/night like this. They actually say its "shitting rain" all day. We took the bus down to the town (because it was shitty rain!). We spent the day walking around in the rain, to and from stores looking for rain boots and rain jackets. It's suppose to rain here and in London for the next week, and seeing as we are in the UK until next Sunday,we gave in and bought some gear since everything we wore today was soaked. All three of us bought jackets and Les and I got Welly's. UK sizes are much bigger then US sizes, and the smallest size we could find was an 8, which was 4 sizes too big for Candice. She ended up buying the cutest KIDS jacket! Lol. It fit perfectly.

We went grocery shopping and bought our turkey and fixings for Christmas dinner. Ate, lunch/brunch at a pub called Salt. British meat pies are amazing. I don't think I could eat enough meat pies....EVER!!!!! We picked up some little cakes at a bakery, got a stock of flake bars and a box of tea. I am enjoying Twinings tea, but its not David's! I miss read my lips already!

We pulled names for our Kris Kringle today. Tomorrow we are going to town to hit up the £ shop and pic up some KK gifts. Hopefully, the rain won't be so intense tmrw... I don't think I could ever get used to downpours all the time.

Night night...
Love Lins

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And we are off!

overcast 5 °C

Some might think this trip to Europe is unnecessary. After all, Candice & I just did a Euro trip 4 months ago. But I look at it like, we had an opportunity to go again, we are young, single, childless, mortgage less, virtually minimal responsibilities so why not while we still can? Plus the fact that my little sister moved here for the year, was as good of an excuse as any. Travel is always fun....but when you travel with family (or friends that feel like family) it's always a good time.

It has been a long 24 hrs! We sat on the Tarmac at Pearson for 45 min, then had to stay in the air for 20min once we got to London before we could land. Laurie lives in Aberystwyth, Wales (literally on the sea). We landed at Gatwick, took 2 trains, the tube and then 2 more trains for a total of 6 1/2hrs to get here. I have decided I officially get motion sickness. I wasn't feeling so good after 3 hrs of being on the train, thank god for Gravol! At least I didn't puke! I never used to be like this. Ever since Marla & I took the cruise....I get motion sickness on occasion :(. After the 13 hr train from Poland to Germany this summer, i've concluded trains are not my friend. We landed at Gatwick this morning around 7:45am, and arrived at Aberystwyth train station at 5:30pm. That tells you how long it took us to get here! I'm glad we are staying for a few more nights, I'm not looking forward to having to lug my heavy suitcase up and down stairs anytime soon.

We were pretty impressed by our navigation skills. We didn't get lost once. The men are so friendly (maybe its cause we are cute girls? ;)). They see you struggling with your suitcase and they come over and help you with it. They haven't been bad looking either ;)

We started off to a rough start. Found out on our way to the airport that there are no trains running on Dec 26 in Wales. We were suppose to go to London this day. After many calls to Expedia and the hotel, they will not refund us our money for the 26th...so we are loosing the money for the night and aren't arriving til the 27th. It kind of blows since now we will only have 3 nights in London. I absolutely LOVE London!!! So much to see and do. I know it'll work out in the end it's just kind of annoying. Nothing we can do.....

Candice and I are crazy tired. We haven't really slept in over 24 hrs...not a real sleep at least. Once we sit down, it literally takes 2 minutes and one of us passes out. We've passed out on the plane, numerous trains, standing up in the tube, on Laurie's couch, and as I sit on Laurie's bed typing right now, Candice is beside me, she just laid down her head 3 min ago, and I'm pretty sure she's out cold again! Lol.

When we got here, Laurie took us around the corner to get fish and chips. So damn good! Then we felt fat, sat on the couch and passed out. Then she said we had to go for a walk cause we should walk off the food, and its currently not raining today, and is suppose to rain the next 7 days straight so we should take advantage of it. Of course she takes us 10 minutes up the road to show us this huge hill of bloody sheep! Mom, these are apparently sheep you didn't see here! There's bloody sheep everywhere! Lol. We came back, took turns showering, face timed Darina & Joe and surprise guest ;) and now Les and Laur are in the lounge eating cereal and watching a movie, Candice is passed out beside me, and I'm finally WIDE awake and worried now that I can sleep I won't be able to sleep! Lol

Well that's it for my random blog tonight. I wasn't planning on blogging this trip, but after many requests from the last blog I decided to give it a go. Gives me something to do when I'm hanging out in my cool Christmas pjs in the hotel (or for the next 5 nights, Laurie's residence). Tonight was pretty random and not very grammatical, I'll try better tomorrow.

Can't wait for all the rain tmrw! (That was PURE sarcasm!!)
Love Lins

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