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Some might think this trip to Europe is unnecessary. After all, Candice & I just did a Euro trip 4 months ago. But I look at it like, we had an opportunity to go again, we are young, single, childless, mortgage less, virtually minimal responsibilities so why not while we still can? Plus the fact that my little sister moved here for the year, was as good of an excuse as any. Travel is always fun....but when you travel with family (or friends that feel like family) it's always a good time.

It has been a long 24 hrs! We sat on the Tarmac at Pearson for 45 min, then had to stay in the air for 20min once we got to London before we could land. Laurie lives in Aberystwyth, Wales (literally on the sea). We landed at Gatwick, took 2 trains, the tube and then 2 more trains for a total of 6 1/2hrs to get here. I have decided I officially get motion sickness. I wasn't feeling so good after 3 hrs of being on the train, thank god for Gravol! At least I didn't puke! I never used to be like this. Ever since Marla & I took the cruise....I get motion sickness on occasion :(. After the 13 hr train from Poland to Germany this summer, i've concluded trains are not my friend. We landed at Gatwick this morning around 7:45am, and arrived at Aberystwyth train station at 5:30pm. That tells you how long it took us to get here! I'm glad we are staying for a few more nights, I'm not looking forward to having to lug my heavy suitcase up and down stairs anytime soon.

We were pretty impressed by our navigation skills. We didn't get lost once. The men are so friendly (maybe its cause we are cute girls? ;)). They see you struggling with your suitcase and they come over and help you with it. They haven't been bad looking either ;)

We started off to a rough start. Found out on our way to the airport that there are no trains running on Dec 26 in Wales. We were suppose to go to London this day. After many calls to Expedia and the hotel, they will not refund us our money for the 26th...so we are loosing the money for the night and aren't arriving til the 27th. It kind of blows since now we will only have 3 nights in London. I absolutely LOVE London!!! So much to see and do. I know it'll work out in the end it's just kind of annoying. Nothing we can do.....

Candice and I are crazy tired. We haven't really slept in over 24 hrs...not a real sleep at least. Once we sit down, it literally takes 2 minutes and one of us passes out. We've passed out on the plane, numerous trains, standing up in the tube, on Laurie's couch, and as I sit on Laurie's bed typing right now, Candice is beside me, she just laid down her head 3 min ago, and I'm pretty sure she's out cold again! Lol.

When we got here, Laurie took us around the corner to get fish and chips. So damn good! Then we felt fat, sat on the couch and passed out. Then she said we had to go for a walk cause we should walk off the food, and its currently not raining today, and is suppose to rain the next 7 days straight so we should take advantage of it. Of course she takes us 10 minutes up the road to show us this huge hill of bloody sheep! Mom, these are apparently sheep you didn't see here! There's bloody sheep everywhere! Lol. We came back, took turns showering, face timed Darina & Joe and surprise guest ;) and now Les and Laur are in the lounge eating cereal and watching a movie, Candice is passed out beside me, and I'm finally WIDE awake and worried now that I can sleep I won't be able to sleep! Lol

Well that's it for my random blog tonight. I wasn't planning on blogging this trip, but after many requests from the last blog I decided to give it a go. Gives me something to do when I'm hanging out in my cool Christmas pjs in the hotel (or for the next 5 nights, Laurie's residence). Tonight was pretty random and not very grammatical, I'll try better tomorrow.

Can't wait for all the rain tmrw! (That was PURE sarcasm!!)
Love Lins

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